I Am [Blank]

As a writer, I constantly feel the need to fill in the blank. The blinking cursor overwhelms me with opportunity and pressure as the words start to make their way across the screen. It’s a habitual ritual that I’ve grown to practice in both my personal and professional worlds.

Even in my journal at home, I find myself plotting a story line and editing it along the way. When I go back to read past entries, I get annoyed at misspelled words and weirdly worded sentences. It takes a lot of focus for me to not focus on being a w r i t e r and just w r i t i n g. Sometimes I get it right, most times I don’t.

This constant need to ‘fill in the blank’ left me reflecting on other blanks in our lives.

When it comes to social media; it’s staring us right in the face. ‘What are you doing today? How are you feeling? What sort of nonsense do you feel you need to share with the world?’ It’s an empty canvas waiting for the stroke of a 1,000 brushes and you’re the painter.

Blogger. Creative. Photographer. Designer. Mother. Wife. Yogi. Fur mama. Wine-o. (Only a couple of these apply to me, FYI). But this is what I see every single day. People labeling themselves and fitting into boxes. Square pegs trapped in the struggles of fitting into a round hole.

Labels are great. They make things clear and concise and easier to understand. However, they box us in and separate us and create room for judgement and hypocrisy. For the sake of the good in this world, I like to thing they bring us together. They help us relate and connect and collaborate. If I am a [label] and you are a [label] then we’ve already established a connection and our feelings of loneliness in this world have taken a temporary back seat.

As I begin a new transition for my blog, my space, my brand’ (it still feels kooky even saying that) into a new world and a new life, I can’t help but feel that same need. The need to classify and identify and clarify who I am and what I’m doing and what you’ll get out of it. And while those are necessary things for myself + my audience to know, I can’t help but feel stinted and stuck. Almost like a box that somebody else has already put me in before I even get a chance to draw them a circle.

Here’s to the blanks in life. And to only filling them with whatever feels right.